Welcome to My Journey to CrossFit (and maybe a few other things along the way)

Welcome to my journey to CrossFit.  Originally the plan was to record my progress as usual on a workout journal.  However, as I embarked on my CrossFit experience, I’ve come to realize there others out there which may benefit from my learnings, good or bad.  So sit back join me as I train to become … Continue reading

Me after 2.5 years of fighting Cancer

No one expects when they make a visit to ER, they will be diagnosed with cancer 5 days later.  After experiencing chest pains that would not go away over a month, and 2 too many visits to local urgent care, I was finally treated for a cause.  I had a collapsed lung, infection and fluid … Continue reading

Run Tabata With MD ball

Week 9 after diagnosis My WOD on Jun 2, 2015 Tabata. 400m run Tabata 8rd each A. MD ball clean 14# B. MD ball push up C. MD ball sit up 14# D. MD ball thruster 14# Rest between Tabata segments to maximize reps. Nothing over 30 secs 400m run Total time. 25:29. Rx.

WOD 2.21.15

Cardio: 6x 500 min rest 1 minute Result: best 2:07, worst 2:25 (PR 500 1:47) Strength: back Squat Build to Moderate heavy 3 and do 2-3-1 tempo (2 sec – 3 sec hold- 1 sec up) Result; 205, had more in the tank but cardio session told some stamina out Push Press + 2 Jerk … Continue reading

Why We Pay for CrossFit – LCCF Blog

http://www.leftcoastcrossfit.com/blog/entry/why-we-pay-for-crossfit Great little tid-bit on why we pay for CrossFit but more importantly why you should pay for CrossFit.

In case you missed…. by Sage Burgener

In case you have no clue who Sage Burgener is, you might have seen on any number of videos as the demo girl for her dad, Mike.  Her sister is also badass as well.  She know how to lift, and lift with great technique.  Her points are worth a read.   In case you missed … Continue reading


Check out this video I made with Coach’s Eye! http://www.coachseye.com/j1eS


Check out this video I made with Coach’s Eye! http://www.coachseye.com/ir62

WOD 1-22-13

Conditioning EMOTM 15 5 ball slams (30#) 10 KB swings (53#) -500m row for every round missed Strength Close grip bench press (10×2) 85/95 (8×2) 105/115 (6×2) 120/125 (4×2) 130/135 (2×2) 140/145. Tough on legs WOD Not 100% max (150 lbs might have been true 2 rep). Rx.